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Bow/Bow Stamblade (no snipe)

Is there any build for bow/bow stamblade without boring spam_snipe_on_backline / gank_like_a_coward gameplay ?
I know it's possible to play with Bow/2h for executes n stuff, but how about bow/bow ?
Some viable build for current patch, that wont be trashed as soon as some good player with anti-cloak potion jumps on you ?
  • erio
    No sadly
  • catnamedwill
    There is a pretty good ranged no-snipe stamblade build but it is not bow/bow. it has ranged damage capability on par with magsorc/magblade and works without ganking but it also uses 2h for rally heal and major brutality.
  • rumple9
    My set up

    5 marksman, 5 hawks eye, Infused chest other pieces Impenetrable or divines, Health enchant on the chest, rest stamina enchants

    Maelstrom bow on back bar, Infused with weapon damage enchant. Front bar Bow (Marksman or Hawkeye) infused with Crusher enchantment

    Monster Valkyn skoria (or 1 piece molag kena & 1 piece velidreth)

    Transmute the Jewellery to infused with weapon damage enchants

    Mundus The Thief

    Front bar skills - Acid spray, Lethal Arrow, Poison Injection, Reaper's mark, Camouflaged hunter, ultimate Flawless Dawnbreaker

    Back bar skills - Silver shards, Arrow Barrage, Lightweight trap beast, Relentless focus, Resolving Vigor, ultimate Toxic Barrage

    This works well for me but if anyone has any suggestions for improvement/changes I would be happy to hear them
    Edited by rumple9 on May 24, 2020 2:54AM
  • Atherakhia
    Nothing says you need to use snipe. But it's the main spammable for a reason.

    Go no monster helm and use BRP bow and Asylum bow and you'll get a very unique playstyle without so much focus on snipe.
  • Wyrd88
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Maelstrom bow on back bar

    Change it for a Master's Bow, no one gonna stay in your Hail for a too long anyway.
    rumple9 wrote: »
    infused with spell damage enchants


    Weap DMG maybe?
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Lightweight trap beast

    Better change it for Channeled Acceleration or RAT for Minor Force. DoT from trap are too weak to rely on it.
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Mundus The Thief

    Lover probably gonna be better. Or warrior.
    rumple9 wrote: »
    Lethal Arrow

    Same as Snipe tho. OP asking about something without it.

    Maybe some sort of Acid Spray with Silver Shards spam, but I'm not sure who you can kill with that other than potatos.
    Edited by Wyrd88 on May 24, 2020 11:21PM
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  • Jeezye
    Actually bowblade is really strong and I played it for quite a while (without snipe!)

    Use the psijic spammable to build stacks on merciless, do your regular kiting and sustain with leeching strikes and incap.

    it plays surprisingly close to a magblade but is actually stronger, with more self healing and better kiteability.

  • Icky
    Just because you have snipe on your hotbar doesn't mean you have to spam it. It can be part of a good combo just like dizzy.
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