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Selling Bugged Gear | allowed?

I got my hand on some bugged gear, back in the day when Orsinium released.
The bugged gear has a red questionmark as it's symbol, doesn't have a level, isn't visible when worn (you still get the animation of staffs for example, but wield air) and you shoot LA and HA from underneath your feet.

The gear is useless, but pretty funny and I love it! No one I know has bugged gear so I thought it's probably pretty rare and could posibly fetch a good goldprice!
But I'm unsure if it's okay to circulate bugged gear in the first place.
I am a long time player and love the game and fear the risk of getting banned for selling it.
Do you know if it's allowed?
an answer of a Dev would be great too!
  • Krogmo
    Sorry for the german screenshot.
    It's a Froststaff of Flames.
    The entchantment deals 0 Firedamage.
  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
    The German for Frost Saff is Froststab.

    I need to learn this language yesterday.
    -I like tanking, apparently.
    -Accidental werewolf.
    -Proud member of the Casual Rascals on PC EU.
    -Horses are cool.
    -Birbs are even coolerer.
    -I alone am responsible for the "no cheese in space" meme. Sheogorath would be proud.
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