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Anyone know the drop rate on: Molag Kena Helm Style page?

just curious if anyone knew the approx drop rate, I do have the Ire of the Storm achievement (I think that increases the odds).
  • virtus753
    It’s currently 0.

    The outfit style page only drops when the arms pack is in the store (or during certain events).
  • Taleof2Cities
    virtus753 wrote: »
    It’s currently 0.

    The outfit style page only drops when the arms pack is in the store (or during certain events).


    Stormfist style pages are currently farmable in Tempest Island group dungeon (still a relatively low drop rate though).
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  • Vaoh
    So the way this works is, for about one month, a random dungeon is chosen. Currently it is Tempest Island which contains the Stormfist monster set.

    The dungeon will have a (very) low chance for the final boss to drop the Helm style page for their respective monster set.

    You can obtain the Shoulder style page either through direct purchase from the vendor for 50 Undaunted Keys, or have a shot and getting it through opening undaunted coffers that have a chance to contain the correct monster style. The second method is always better.

    There will also be weapon styles on the crown store mimicking the currently selected monster set. This helps to figure out which style pages are dropping.

    Molag Kena stopped dropping a long time ago.
  • zvavi
    Tbh I feel like it is really silly. They should make all dungeon style pages drop rate reallllly low (like once in 250 runs u will see a person drop one) and then during event times make drop rate for specific dungeon x10, like once 25 dungeons u will see it (1% drop rate for event thing, 0.1% for non event)
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