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Dungeon Finder isn't working - the "00s bug"

Soul Shriven

I know there are numerous threads about this bug, but it's still not fixed. I wouldn't create this post if the problem occurred only occasionally. Unfortunately, in my case it happens all the time! Whenever I try to sign up for a single veteran dungeon, I get a notification that says "Expires in 00s". I can't accept it nor discard it. The only option is to log out and log back in.
Here's a video presenting the issue:
It's important to note that it happens only when I select one dungeon from the list. Everything works fine when I sign up for at least two.
  • MJallday
    This also occurs on normals.

    It also occurs when selecting two or 3 dungeons

    In short I don’t think it’s related, it’s a queue issue
    Edited by MJallday on May 25, 2020 9:38PM
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