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Antiquities System Guides - Grind Guide, Location List, Mythic Items

Class Representative
In preparation for the Greymoor Chapter you can now find guides related to the ANTIQUITIES SYSTEM on the website that should help you understand and speed up the process.
- Antiquities Basic Guide How To
- Antiquities Grind Guide - Level 1-10 Leveling
- Antiquities LOCATION list - All Zones
- Mythic Items + Drop Location

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Worlds 1st Godslayer
Worlds 1st vBRP Speedrun, No Death, No Sigil "The Unchained" clear
Worlds 1st vBRP clear in MM // Worlds 1st vBRP Speedrun clear // Worlds 1st vBRP No Death clear /Worlds 1st vBRP No Sigils clear
Worlds 1st vCR Gryphon Heart Achievement (No Death+HM+Speedrun) in SS
Worlds 1st vCR clear in SS // World 1st +1,2,3 clear in SS // Worlds 1st vCR Speedrun // Worlds 1st vCR No Death
Worlds 1st vAS HARDMODE clear in CWC
Worlds 1st vAS clear in CwC // Worlds 1st vAS + 1 Llothis clear in CwC // Worlds 1st vAS + 1 Felms clear in CwC
Worlds 1st HoF Tick-Tock Tormentor in HotR
Worlds First HoF Stress Tested in HotR // Worlds First Hof Well-Oiled Machine in HotR
Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication clear // Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication Hardmode clear // Worlds 1st Halls of Fabrication Speedrun
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 165456 in HS // Worlds #1 vSO Score 173761 in HS // Worlds #1 vAA Score 145157 in HS
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 163308 in OT // Worlds #1 vSO Score 171353 in OT// Worlds #1 vAA Score 144177 in OT // Worlds #1 vHRC Score 154149 in OT
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 150882 in SotH // Worlds #1 vSO Score 153121 in SotH // Worlds #1 vAA Score 121093 in SotH // Worlds #1 vHRC Score 128815 in SotH
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 93699 in DB // Worlds #1 vSO Score 159083 in DB
Worlds #1 vMoL Score 86828 in TG
Worlds 1st Guild to complete ALL vMoL achievments // Worlds 1st vMoL clear [VR16] // Worlds 1st vMoL speed run [VR16]
Worlds 1st vMoL No-Death // Worlds 2nd vMoL HM
Worlds 1st vMSA Stamina Clear (Templar) // Worlds 1st vMSA Stamina no Death (DK) // Worlds 2nd vMSA Stamina no Death (NB)
Worlds 1st vSO Speedrun // Worlds 2nd vSO Hardmode.
  • Nestor
    Thank you for your awesome guide on this new system.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • FrancisCrawford
    Thanks for the three I can get to! :D

    (The location list link isn't working for me.)
  • TheRealPotoroo
    Re the Torc of Tonal Constancy,

    I got the Torc Strand of Lore at King's Rest, not Forsaken Heart Cave. I got the Torc Strand of Power from Dire Brambepatch, not Druitularg's Ritual. Similarly for the Torc Tonal Focus, I got it at Buron rather than Wrathvenom. It seems these three (and others like them) are probably any WB in the zone or PD.

    The Torc Throat Guards is any Anka'Ra Group Boss, as mentioned (FWIW, 4 of these are grouped around the Sandy Path wayshrine in Lower Craglorn).

    There may or may not be a problem with the Torc Strand of Song dropping (Captain Blackheart in Blackheart Haven Dungeon). I haven't got to this one yet but I've seen complaints. Maybe it was fixed in Wednesday's patch.

    Given that three of the five leads are not actually restricted to a specific overland WB as stated, this is probably also true for the other Mythic Items leads.

    PS: has anyone done a guide specifically on how to tackle Master level excavations? There are so many layers it seems more a matter of spamming heavy shovel and getting lucky than anything else.
    Edited by TheRealPotoroo on June 8, 2020 1:15AM
    PC NA, PC EU

    "Instead of taking the best of the dolmens (predictable rotation), the best of the geysers (scalability based on number of players), and the best of the dragons (map location and health indicators) and adding them together to make a fun and dynamic world event scenario, they gave us....... harrowstorms."
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