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Varla & Culanda Stones not staying lit.

I'm curious to see if anyone else has had any issues with Varla & Culanda Stones not staying lit after being placed. I bought up a whole bunch last year for my Hakvild high hall residence. I've probably placed 20+ or more around the entire estate but only 4 or 5 stay lit when I come back in. I try to replace them and nothing...
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  • chuck-18_ESO
    There is a notably bug involving enchanted lights with multiple homes. There are several spots in the Hall of the Lunar Champion, and the Hunter's Glade is absolutely covered in entire swaths of land where all enchanted lights are bugged, which is extremely irritating for someone like me that filled the glade with enchanted, glowing mushrooms. I've pretty much given up and abandoned the home.

    I've reported the bug myself numerous times, and seen many complaints on the subject, but to my knowledge the bug has never even been addressed by ZOS.

    @ZOS_Adrikoth perhaps you could help us bring it to the team's attention?

    Edited by chuck-18_ESO on May 19, 2020 6:16PM
    The Exclusionary Mandates of Maruhkite Selection: All Are Equal

    1: That the Supreme Spirit Akatosh is of unitary essence, as proven by the monolinearity of Time.
    1: That Shezarr the missing sibling is Singularly Misplaced and therefore Doubly Venerated.
    1: That the protean substrate that informs all denial of (1) is the Aldmeri Taint.
    1: That the Prophet Most Simian demonstrated that monothought begets Proper-Life.
    1: That the purpose of Proper-Life is the Expungement of the Taint.
    1: That the Arc of Time provides the mortal theater for the Sacred Expungement.
    1: That Akatosh is Time is Proper-Life is Taint-Death.
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