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Miniature book, Song of Pelinal part 1, 3D print

A 3D-sculpt beginner here, so decided the skills are best to be unleashed on a square object.
Because of PvP preferences, why not combine both and recreate something that is distributed the most, save for AP, during Midyear Mayhem :)

Book dimensions: 3,6cm x 2,5cm x 0,8cm ( 1,4" x 1,0" x 0,3" ).
Printed with 2 colors, PLA Yellow Gold for the cover and PLA White for the pages, nozzle-sizes: 0,25mm ( 0,1") on an FDM type printer (Ultimaker3), layersize: 0,1mm (0.04")


The box of matches is for comparison purposes, no books were harmed in the process.


Detail of the surface. The lines made by the nozzle are visible


Bonus pics:

Printer finished the job, below the booklet is a ' raft'. To preserve the same details the book has on the upper cover, the object had to be elevated a very small distance, a ' raft' is a printed structure that does just that. The details are there in the end-result, but have a more rough finish, because the nozzle has to bridge small, empty spaces and conquer good ol' gravity.
The white pages can't be seen because of supports, the cover has an overhang and as the printer cannot print in thin air, this type of structure provides a base and space for that action.
Both structures, raft and support, need to be removed from the print by hand.

There is a filament that is water soluble: PVA, it can be used in a FDM dual extrusion printer as support. The finished print is submerged in water to dissolve the supports.

EDIT: the printed cilinder behind the book is a prime-tower, it makes sure the nozzles for each color get primed well before depositing a layer on the main print. Also remnants of retracted or oozing PLA can be smeared on the prime tower, keeping the main print clean.


Light travels beautifully through the object, perhaps something nice for future miniature projects with LEDs

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