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How to tell Campaign length? 7 Day vs 30 Day

Soul Shriven
I swear I remember the interface used to explicitly say (30 day) and (7 day) with the campaigns, now the only mention of length is that Icereach, the Below Level 50, in the description says "Seven day duration"

Are all the rest of the campaigns 30 day now?

Is there any other way to tell besides joining a campaign and seeing the duration remaining (which also doesn't actually tell you that it's 30 day or 7 day if it is already under 7 days of time before end)?
  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    No way of seeing remaining duration without going to the campaign (or asking someone).

    All the max lvl campaigns are 30 day campaigns now.
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  • Einheryar
    Soul Shriven
    Great, thank you for the information and confirmation, I appreciate it!
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