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[PS4] Anyone able to craft me gear set for level 50 CP 160?

I would do this myself but sadly my other toon with high crafting can’t craft sets so I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I’m going to list everything below. Also I have all the materials except for the enchanting and gear improvement. I can also throw in 5-10k if you can make all either purple or gold as I don't have enough tannin to make all purple or gold. My PSN is AstralSaiyan. Thanks

Chest-Hundings rage-Heavy-Divine-Stamina

Belt-Night Mothers Gaze-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Shoes-Night Mothers Gaze-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Pants-Hundings Rage-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Hands-Hundings Rage-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Head-Night Mothers Gaze-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Shoulder-Night Mothers Gaze-Medium-Divine-Stamina

Weapon 1 DW-Hundings Rage-Axe-Nirnhoned-Poison Damage

Weapon 1 DW-Hundings Rage-Dagger-Sharpened-Absorb Stamina

Weapon 2-Hundings Rage-Bow-Infused-Weapon Damage
  • Taleof2Cities
    Hey there, @MegaToxic ... buy/sell threads are generally frowned upon per the forum rules.

    Have you tried in-game via friends, guildies, or zone chat?
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