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  • Caroloces
    I'm a returning player who's been away for a year's time. Prior to that, I had been playing the game since it's inception. I was looking for something that would reinspire me to get back into the lore, narrative, and atmosphere (I had left because ZOS had done away with character achievements.

    This guide is amazing! It fits the bill for what I need to start playing and enjoy the game once again! Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU for a great job in tying everything together.

    One question I do have: There is no mention of the Undaunted progression. I'm wondering if this is because it's sort of a repetitive quest thing without any particular story to it??

    Again, Thanks so much!
  • jle30303
    Correct, Undaunted has no story.

    Some of the Dungeons and Trials have connections to the story of individual zones though... and some don't. Really, Dungeons having a story that connected to the main storyline only seems to have started in the Elsweyr season with "Wrathstone": apart from the White-Gold Tower dungeon in Imperial City, three years earlier, previous dungeons never really had "ongoing story content" in them.

    Although there's one weird exception in the base game, not linking with the Zone Story but a mini-story based on in-zone sidequests: three Delves in Dwemer dungeons across the Alik'r Desert, from west to east, lead into the 4-man Dungeon of Volenfell. If you do the three Delves and the Dungeon in the right order, you'll get a few small mini-quests that are basically "go to the next one in sequence for the next page in the NPC's journal": if you do any of them in the wrong order, you'll miss out on those quests (they simply won't start) and a tiny amount of experience, basically the equivalent of killing half a dozen trolls...

    Also, some of the base-game dungeons have a "I" and "II" version, in which the same layout (sometimes with a few differences) is inhabited by different monsters with a different storyline, and sometimes a storyline connection between the two. In each case the "II" version is somewhat more difficult than the "I" (these were themselves originally the "normal" and "veteran" versions of each map, before they revamped how Normal and Veteran work, and now BOTH the "I" and "II" versions have a normal and a veteran version of their own.) Example: In Fungal Grotto I, you clear out a cave full of Goblins and Dreugh, on behalf of a bunch of Mephala cultists: the Mephala cult itself becomes the enemy in Fungal Grotto II...
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  • Organic
    This is really fantastic. Thanks so much for this! I have several friends who have just started playing the game and they're overwhelmed with so many quest markers and having a dozen different storylines all able to be picked up at the same time.
  • Bombicz
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you so much for this guide. This is a mastrpiece!
  • Uvi_AUT
    +1 And a thank you bump from me too :)
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