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[PS4/NA][16+] Shadowscale Sanctuary is looking for new recruits

[PS4/NA][16+] Shadowscale Sanctuary
is looking for new members for our illicit adventuring and social guild!

We are a tight knit PS4 community of friends. We play ESO mainly but other games at times as well.
The most important thing for us is teamwork. Whether it is PvE or PvP, we will always have each other's backs.
This is a call to you who like a group of wonderful people all about the FUN rather than a huge guild that feels impersonal and are a "Looking for Group" playstyle.

Some more info:

• We are primarily PS4/NA players and active in the PS4/NA server
• This is an English speaking community
• Most guild members are 16+ although we do have some real life family members who are younger
• As a Social guild all factions are welcome for PVE, however, we represent Ebonheart Pact for PVP
• Communications are conducted on Discord, joining us there is necessary
• Having a Mic is preferred so you can hear instructions for group activities clearly and for general game chat
• We do not charge dues, any donations are encouraged and will go to guild traders in the future
• We hold regular weekly organized events for members. A few activities include: Skyshard and Delve runs, Zone map completion events, and regular in game social stabby stabby time.

What we expect from you:

1. You are interested in making new friends rather than have a "Looking for Group" type community
2. Help others have fun and in times of need
3. Be active, we want to see you in Discord, we make friends by interacting with others
4. Have fun!

Do you think this sounds like you? Then look below to get started:

To become a full member of Shadowscale Sanctuary feel free to reach out to us after downloading Discord and we can get you started.

Here is our Discord link:

We can't wait to meet you and have fun playing together :)

Officer Discord Names:
GM: Helio_Aviatik#9287
wrathykins - Gale Windclaw#7601
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