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You have asked for it, and now you’ve got it!! Guild vs Guild!


Mission Statement: ESO Broadcasting Network (ESOBN) endeavors to promote a healthy, positive, drama-free, non-toxic, supportive community for Guild v Guild events on the North American Cyrodiil server.

ESOBN proudly presents the Saturday Night Fights (SNF). This is Guild vs Guild competition where epic fights between NA Cyrodiil guilds represent the best from Daggerfall Covenant (DC), Aldmeri Dominion (AD) and Ebonheart Pact (EP). Follow each week’s live presentations as Guilds fight each other for points and then face off in the Seasonal Finals to determine the top Guilds in Cyrodiil.

ESOBN is taking Guild vs Guild to a new level where we will honor and highlight outstanding guilds. Through interviews and videos, ESOBN will produce a high-quality SNF show live on Twitch, with multiple play-by-play announcers.

Unlike other Guild v Guild events, here at SNF we present “staggered” rounds to showcase combat at all levels. The first round is one-on-one, where one combatant from each team face off. Second round consists of competition between middle-sized teams (i.e. 4 v 4, 6 v 6, 12 v 12… etc.) followed by the “Last Guild Standing” event where all three guilds fight at once with the last guild standing wins the round.

Season 1: Six Teams Compete
Six, six-person teams will play two weeks out of a three-week season followed by a week of finals, where the teams who scored the most points during the season will face off against each other for the championship.

Details: Each live presentation will consist of three rounds each of 1 v 1 and 6 v 6 which culminates in The Last Guild Standing round.
1 v 1: AD v DC, DC v EP, EP v AD
6 v 6: AD v DC, DC v EP, EP v AD
Last Guild Standing: AD v DC v EP

During every live ESOBN presentation each team will have a total of five fights each night, for a total of seven fights. Each team collects points for each win! The team from each faction who scores the most points moves to the finals. We are also considering having the middle round (6 v 6) consist of two fights against each team instead of one.

We currently have three teams signed up and ready to go! If we can find three more teams and be ready by May 16th the schedule will be as displayed below, otherwise we shall postpone a week or so until additional teams are found. We are seeking 1 AD team, and 1 EP and 1 DC team or 2 EP teams. Sign up today using the link below!!

Season 1 schedule
May: Saturdays of the 16th, 23rd, May 30th, Finals, June 6th

The starting time is still to be determined but will be sometime between 4 pm PST and 8 pm PST, with the most likely start being at 6 pm PST.

In addition to the three teams needed for our first event, we are seeking additional guilds for future events, including a large-scale 16 v 16 and 24 v 24 round events. We are also looking for folks interested in open-team one-night events!!! Sign up and join others from each faction in ad hoc groups.

For additional information, or to sign up your team and see rules-sets visit today.
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