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Housing Wish List 2020

Thanks for reading. This list was compiled from multiple platforms, servers and groups.

A new Furniture Crafters Table- it only allows furniture crafting on it but it has 100% or the craftable furniture items on it sorted by category. I hate trying to find that one plan to craft out of the 1844 total I can make, and searching all the tables to find it. LoL. (Not really hate, but this would simplify being a crafter for housing. I'd own two one kept for traveling to build new homes, one at my primary home for visitors- crown store it, I'd buy it)
Transparent glass.
Interactive beds.
Curtains that can be drawn or shut.
More walls with a variety of shapes and textures.
More floors with a variety of shapes and textures.
Working Doors that can be shut and opened.
Working windows that can be shut and opened.
More Beems and Pillars.
More ambient effects like fog, mist, rain, cold, clouds.
Control over day and night being able to set one as permanent.
Guess book/visitors log.
Intractable food and table settings.
Ability to sit and eat, drink or read.
Intractable books scrolls and book shelves.
Functioning Telescopes.
A microscope decoration.
Armor and weapons racks and displays.
The ability to turn armor into decorations.
Jewelry as decorations.
Jewellery boxes that open.
A Rainbow.
Functioning portals comes in two pieces one piece leads to another piece they only count as one furnishing.
More visually aesthetic stylized crafting tables such as orc theme table or alinor themed table.
Longer draw distance for lights in homes.
More small decorations with interactions examples are chopping black with knife when interacted with character begins to cut meat or vegetables or a variety of food items or an axe that causes the character to cut wood, fire place character warms itself.
Fish pond with moving fish.
Moving fish that can be placed anywhere.
Moving birds that can be placed anywhere.
Mudskipper non combat pet.
Ability to pan in and out when previewing costumes and armor in and out of dye station.
A scale ruler in the furniture preview window.
Mirrors that reflect more.
Stain glass windows.
Turn screen captures into paintings.
More paintings !
artist easel !
Rose bushes
Grape vines
More wall, stairs, corner options
Roofs and stuff, if they are gonna keep releasing blank tracts of land as housing make it easier to create our own buildings.
Vines that go around corners.
More special fx like fireflies.
angled/corner/curving stairs
some sort of floating platform that’s like the alinor floating bed but just a platform. Would make a sweet looking stairway up to somewhere
More fabric choices
Replicas of weapons. Such as: staffs, swords, axes, shields, etc.
If not more item slots, then more pre-filled items (like the bread basket and elsweyr wine rack)
Pre-filled weapon rack
How about actual water for homes instead of using other things to make it look like water? Have it set to pre set dimensions.
Actual bathroom stuff other than just a tub. More/larger mirrors. Glass options for windows, fish tanks etc.
Day/Night Toggle!!!!!!
More holiday theme items
Song birds
More shimmering foods/items
I would love grass...I would also like to move/remove the grass that comes with homes.
More trees with visual effects, blooming or falling flowers etc
More pathway options like dirt or cobblestones
destructible buildings and houses.
An even bigger Ponder Sphere!!!
More crystals in other colors (red, pink, dark blue, orange, green, etc.)
How about a 300 slot purchasable home in bleakrock
More of the preexisting decor assets that decorate zones to be bought or crafted, like Ayleid, wood orc , daedric, dwemer/dwarven pillars, arches, walls and platforms, doors
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