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Looking For A New Guild

Soul Shriven
As the title says... i'd like to join an active PVE guild as i have just returned back to the game after nearly a year away.

I'm max cp and played the game from launch, and would like to have a good group to chill with and do all the group content in the game,as solo can get boring real quick. I am more than happy to help others in any way if possible with their own progression in the game

If you have a guild which has a spot my username is Paradox-_-1 and would appreciate an invite
  • MechanicalMudcrab
    Hey there I'll shoot you a guild invite to the Dancing Daedra. It's a social pve non elitist guild. We like to tackle all types of content and make friends to enjoy the game with.
  • ZekenRambo
    I’ve been on the grind since day one also so, why not come check out ¥ Tyranny ¥ a guild dedicated to wiping out toxicity in ESO. We accept all players new or veteran, and tailor our content to include the maximum amounts of people in our events. We do PvE/PvP or if you just want chill people to talk too, we are social also.

    We chose events using a voting system on our guild discord, so YOU can have a choice in what we do as a guild! We have extremely veteran and friendly officers that will assist you as soon as they are able, YOU WILL HEAR BACK FROM ANY MEMBER IN THE GUILD YOU MESSAGE! If you whisper or psn someone in the guild it is guild rule when that person is able to message you back! Nobody gets ignored, and nobody gets treated unfairly. Zero toxicity and a whole lot of greatness.

    PSN message Xx-ZekenRambo-xX, or swing by our discord link below and ask any officer for a guild invite!
    Dark Elf, Ebonheart Pact
    OIC, The Best Around (TBA) Est. 2015
  • Greeneyes526
    Like to send you an invite if interested. We could use experienced players as we grow. If you still have a spot and are interested please let me know. We are rebuilding now and have several players that could use the knowledge of experienced players.
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