Skyrim V ESO Proudspire Manor

I made a video of my home Proudspire Manor in the game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to compare to the version in ESO Greymoor. I think the layout is pretty much identical and it translates really well to ESO.

My Proudspire in Skyrim

ESO's version

  • Tigerseye
    Very insightful.

    Thanks so much for posting this. :smile:

    It is pretty similar.

    The doors are nice - would be good if they added internal doors to our ESO homes, as well.

    They wouldn't even have to open and close, necessarily; just permanently open would be fine.

    Also like the silver crockery in the bedroom.

    The platter with the sweetrolls on it would be nice for a large, pre-filled fruit display.

    The sweetrolls themselves and the apples are also nice.

    Makes me wish for a graphical update of basic things like fruit, veg and some other foods, here.
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