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David v Goliath guild recruiting a new approach. A vet dlc trial group for the masses!

Soul Shriven
I am starting a guild for people with 35k dps minimum and 55k 21 mil. This will be a dungeon and trial guild. You can complete all vet dlc trials with this amount of dps. I have completed all vet dlc trials and can help get us through. I was sick of the elitist attitude and having to hit 80k in my other guilds. If you are interested in joining and if you have friends who want to join go ahead and invite them once your invited. You do need a minimum amount of dps to complete vet dlc trials. That minimum though is much lower than the 45k or 50k a lot of guilds promote. I can help you hit 35k if you need. 35k dps is easily achievable and most players will be able to do this. I like the notion of play how ever you want and I don't like the notion of you need 45k and a Max dps build to run vet dlc trials. The truth is somewhere in between. I am trying to strike a fair balance here. Hit me up technoprime81 or search in the guild finder.
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  • mrtecno
    Soul Shriven
    The problem right now is you have about 5 percent of players who hit 45k plus. All of those players are in a couple of guilds. Most guilds cannot complete vet dlc trials besides these couple of guilds. I am telling you you can complete these trials with 35k dps if you are willing to learn mechanics and pay attention. By allowing a lower but reasonable dps requirement we can have a larger pool of players to draw from to run content that everyone wants to run. If you hit more than this that is great and will make content much easier! My hope is we can have more experienced players merge with up and comers to complete content and improve those who are willing. The problem is guilds that run vet dlc trials will often cap players being able to participate with a 45k cap. This bars a LOT of players from joining groups because these guilds are interested in fast clears and fast gear farming. They don't want to run with slightly lower dps or take the time to teach others. What ends up happening is you have a couple of guilds with about 200 people on the server that can complete vet dlc trials and won't run with people who are learning or hit slightly less dps. My hope is to build a guild with 500 active players where you can build groups at all times of the day to jump in and do vet dlc trials easily. By lowering the dps cap this can be accomplished. Many of these players believe that you have to hit 45k etc to complete this content. This just isn't true. It makes it much easier and faster but it is not necessary. Where they came up with this notion is beyond me. If you do not agree that's fine. Many do not agree and that's the problem with the server right now. Zos did not design trials to only be able to be completed with maximum dps. Most trials are not even that difficult unless you are attempting hard mode. With 35k dps, good group coordination, and attention to mechanics, with good tanks and healers this content can be completed with ease.
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  • asalemi
    Finally a man of reason and who actually cares about community and being inclusive.
    Unfortunately this game has become a high school drama/popularity contest on who can hit the dead dummy the hardest
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