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My PTS take on Snowmelt Suite

The room size and layout feels very similiar to that of the Rosy Lion
So i started with copying my version of that room.
But ended up changing enough.




Note: the new 'Watering Through, Full' is perfect sized to function as a cheap(er) bathtub!


Being an Inn Room, i went with the cheaper Solitude furniture.
What i like less about that now is not that much colour difference, alot of the same wood colour :/

For lighting i initially used several 'Solitude Candlestick, Horn' and 'Solitude Sconce, Horn', wich look better/cozy.
But i ended up using more then the 4 'Solitude Sconce, Candle' that i used now to limit item usage.
(I'd really like Inn Rooms to have 25/50 item limit)
Edited by dagrdagaz_5912 on April 27, 2020 1:19AM
  • carly
    Love what you've done with the room and great idea using that trough as a tub! I'm stealing that idea :)
  • dagrdagaz_5912
    My mostly Vampire furniture version;



    I used only 1 light source, the 'Vampire Lamp, Amber Triple', upside down on the ceiling !
    Due to the darker wood colour of the Vampire furniture i like this version of Snowmelt Suite better.

    Edited by dagrdagaz_5912 on April 27, 2020 1:16AM
  • carly
    I love how you used the carpets on the wall as wallpaper, very nice :)
  • Batgirl
    Both are really nice, I think my favourite is the solitude version, it goes well with the Inn-look.
    What struck me though, is how strong and warm light the vampire lamp gives, without being horror - reddish tone.
    Initially, I didnt pay much attention to it on pts, but I did some testing later, building an inn, it lights up the whole big room by itself 😱
    For sure its gonna be a sought-after furniture when Greymoor goes live.
    Edited by Batgirl on May 2, 2020 8:57AM
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