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NA Server PS4 - House of Morningstar Gaming Community



House of Morningstar Gaming Community
Built for service, performance, integrity, standards, and quality.
Established game launch 2014
Trading, PVE, PVP, Dungeons, Trials, Crafting, all content

Every aspect of Morningstar is explained and run here via the website.

Need help getting your Application in or your accout set up? PS4 message Dove_SMPDSM.
18+ with a mic.

$5000.00 total to run the House to date, so yeah, we actually do mean it here.

Website core to combine both common, standard in game guild and gameplay features with custom, House built features and systems.

Get the whole buffet, and redefine what is possible.

No dues or fees. Morningstar is entirely voluntary donation based. We only ask that you be active within Morningstar, ask for help when you need it, help where you can, and care about being a real part of making this place great. Rules are simple, be a part of the community, not just in it, and treat each other with dignity and respect.

Website Features:

* Personal members profiles where you can add avatars, profile headers, connect to facebook, steam, twitch livestream feed in, youtube, instagram, twitter, reddit forum signatures, and more.

* Add your characters, character photos, their name, race, class, level, and faction details, Guild Roles, trade skills, crafting skills, character skills, and character bios per character. Other members can see this information, when looking for a tank or a bite, or whatever they need.

* Personal members blogs for your own content.

* DKP, Rapid Raid, Touraments, and House Leaderboards (being fixed).

* Separate Forums to add everything you need in gameplay. Need Vets? List them in Dungeoneers. Planning an event and want feedback? Calendar forums. Trials? Got a forum to plan that... Character builds help? that too...Every gameplay need and want is covered here. WHY? Because your text does not register to people who logged on after you typed in the in game text, people in group chat didn't hear you ask in guild chat, and 12 people talking in text will bump your needs right out of being visible. This means its easier for your needs to slip through the cracks more more active people become, but not here....

* Add your own events like lorebook runs, skyshard hunts, Cryodill war runs, etc right along side the House hosted optional events in Morningstar's calendar.

* Custom built, apart from gold, House currency system. Earn Rewards Points for new recruits, each normal, vet, trial, or vet trial completed with members, (RP amt scales with difficulty), gear crafting to help a member, Cyrodill claims, leading skyshards lorebooks world boss dolmen groups, skyreach, any item donation from a stack of foul hides to attunables and everything in between (again, scaling RP value) and even your gold donations. Spend your RP on any item in our 3,500 inventory banks and Vaults, linked through our Android Apple IOS PC compatible App, INSTEAD of using gold to buy it at an in game trader. Know when that motif you haven't read yet drops for your purchase with RP, even if you're offline. Database is arranged by item type, searchable, filterable, and updates in real time. Looking for something we don't currently have on hand? We can get that covered too...

* Know your donations are locked up, secured, provided fairly, and not wasted or robable. We value, respect and protect your contributions. The more "down for the House and its members" you are, the more you'll get out of it, literally.

* No unfair raffles, where that 75k gold Imperial motif book you've wanted goes to the guy who won't help you with that dungeon even after you spent 2 days getting him leveled.

* Custom House Trophies with RP rewards
(Seriously, this system gave 1 member 3 million gold in attunables for being active, another a 500 slot 200 count full stacks materials Vault, another a 500,000 gold Velkin Skoria Helmet page free of gold, all bought with Rewards Points instead of game gold, so its worth using...)

* Real life and game life support capable. Yes, we actually have a member contributed PayPal account designed and implemented to allow members to contribute to REAL LIFE emergency member support. With this being said, this is administered carefully, and not distributed lightly...however, she's capable of not just teaching you that dungeon, but being there when *** hits in the real world too. Why? Because here, being House means much more than just being in a game guild.

* Chat rooms, shout, suggestion box, member created polls, and more...

* Optional House Traditions

* Paid KoS Bounty System - because we don't tolerate *** well.

* House Spotify playlist and Drunken Spotify (bar night).

* 7 guildhalls being built:
- Meeting Hall with 3 DPS dummies (including Trial), basic crafting stations, transmute, banker, merchant and all mundus
- Crafting Hall for attunables.
- Mara Chapel for in game traditional weddings
- Arena for PVP duels and Tounaments
- Auction House
- Generals Barracks (PVP / Gothic weddings)
- Dungeoneers Hall (PVE Hall)

* Choose your rank, even up to Co GM, or even multi-rank.

* Twitch, Twitter, Facebook Group, Discord, Community Page, Voice chats in game and Discord.

Get MORE from your community.
What's required of you?
Actually take the time to go through and learn about this community, and understand what you're becoming a part of.

Get your account set up. Yes, we'll help you with that.

Be active with your fellow guild members, asking for help when and where you need it, and providing help where you are able. You actually do have to interact, get to know each other, be there for each other, care about each other's gameplay, interact, and "join the family" so to speak.

Ask for the help you need, no you're not bugging's what we're here for...

Keep House Code and House Law. The people here matter, and we're serious about that. We have no room for elitist ***, trolling, abuse, toxicity, judgmental ***, etc.

Give only what you choose. There are no required gold donations. Period. At all. Ever. For access to anything. You will not be charged for content completion, clears, guild trader access, skyreach, skin runs, etc. The people here are here for each other, period, or else they're not here....

New, vet, experienced, learning, 2 hours a day, 16? Doesn't matter. Do what you can, use what you want, ask for what you need, don't abuse the system and don't be a ***.

Morningstar is built on a Code. #1 rule is abide by the Code whether you're a Co Creator and Co Founder or Citizen. No rank has the right to abuse power or people here. All are bound by Code and all can be removed for serious member abuse. Period, no gold, rank, officer, dps, amount of time here, etc can save you from hurting people. This included your GM's. As such, to protect the honor and integrity of the House, you are not beneath your GM's here, you are duty bound to remove the unfit. Built for performance, content completion, integrity, standards, honor, services, quality, and community.

Looking to join the House?

Please read

About Us
The Morningstar Code
House Law

- This information will help you make an informed decision on whether or not she's the right fit for you.


Ranks and Roles
You need to make a note of each of these for your actual application.

This part tends to confused people.

In Morningstar, Ranks mean something, so you need to understand that the Rank you choose matters. If you, for instance, choose Dungeoneer, you are making a commitment and a vow that while you are ranked, if you are not currently WITH a guildmember in a PVE content clear, you WILL, and are REQUIRED to complete the next incoming request of any member if you are capable of completing it. Do not take Dungeoneer unless you are committing to grouping, leading, teaching, clearing and completing any form of PVE content you are capable of completing if you are currently online. Each Rank has a similar job description, and Ranks are serious business here. Do not choose a rank you are not fully committed to becoming and growing in.

The Roles section tells the rest of the community "I like to do dungeons and I'm a tank" (dungeoneer, tank) or "I don't do pvp" (if you leave Soldier out of your roles list...) or "I can help you if you ask with crafting through blacksmithing" (Master Blacksmith in roles box...). So here, you are copying each title of a role that applies to you and you are willing to play. Your roles are not required, they tell the rest of the guild the full, complete, and detailed description of what your gameplay is capable of.

How To Apply. Follow this carefully to submit your official application and gain access to all of Morningstar's features while setting up your account. Your account gives you access to all those nice recruitment promises we made you.

Reading About RP will get you set up with your Rewards Points accounts. We pay you in Rewards Points for everything you do from running a dungeon with a guild member to crafting someone gear to recruiting a new member. You can then spend your RP on items of your choice in the game, and we have Reward Point paid out attunables, 500 full stacks of crafting mats, 500,000 gold Velkin Skoria Style pages, etc. It is worth your while to understand this aspect of Morningstar. If you're not benefiting from the House, its because you're not operating it right.



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