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[PC-EU] Looking for people for Fang Lair and Wolfhunter dungeons

Soul Shriven
As many of us, I’m strongly willing to finally get worm wizard and werewolf personalities but for some reason finding proper group turned out as a really hard deal, but hey! I don’t mind if you’ve never been in these dungeons before or don’t speak English very well because these are my sins as well, so I’d ask you to not hesitate to try.
I’m a stamblade with 40k+ dps and very variable time when I can be online but without practical experience, so potentially I’m looking for tank+2dd or tank+heal+dd setup (and I don’t mind joining already formed group for sure if one needs dd).
If you understand what sort of content you subscribe to, got prepared character and quite a lot of patience, please, leave the comment here or add me in game (@Morgen270) or discord (Morgen#9942) so we could properly discuss the flow of our upcoming sufferings.
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