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Tormentor Changes - Werewolves Can Finally Be Tanks?

So with the changes being made to Tormentor set (now able to taunt with charges, leaps, teleports, and pulls), and the additional group buffs and enemy debuffs being given to werewolves, do you think we might actually start seeing werewolf tanks next patch?

If Tormentor set will affect the werewolf patch come Greymoor, werewolves will now not only be able to taunt, but the changes to Pack Leader will provide Minor Courage (a buff previously only available through the Yolnahkriin tank set from Sunspire), they have access to an AoE Stun/Fear (that also provides Major Fracture and Minor Maim, AND sets enemies off balance), and group Empower via the Feeding Frenzy Synergy.

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  • Stx
    They still wont be optimal for trials but will be very good in dungeons especially with stamina dps or a group of 4 wolves
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I was thinking about it and tested some things on PTS, so here is what I think of WW tanking:
    - Pack Leader morph presence will benefit all group. Because of minor courage buff, stam & mag dps will have a dmg boost while healer will have stronger heals.
    - WW heal when used while on full health recovers stamina - even when blocking.
    - Pack Leader dire wolves deal tiny dmg, but I think those still trigger WW Blood Rage passive.
    - Pack Leader dire wolves also counts towards Call of The Pack Passive. So even if you will be the only WW in group, you should be able to sustain WW form.
    - WW is quite tanky itself and on top of that Pack Leader gets 10% dmg reduction. This means that you would not have to block constaly - but rather only potenial one-shots.
    - When build for tanking dmg (not dps), WW can actally take quite a beating, and with recent changes it will be able to take even more punishment.
    - With Tormetor set, WW "taunt" will be quite expensive (double cast), but on the other hand, Tormentor taunts target to attack you for 15 seconds. Good vs stronger mobs (bosses for example) but weak vs trash mobs. For Trash you will have to use fear cc.
    - WW still has weakness in form of lack of CC removal or negative effect removal. There will be situations when you will have to count on your healer for that.
    - You will have to keep in mind that you also need to build for non-ww form tanking, as there will be moments when you either run out of WW timer, so it will be better to transform back to human form, fight trash between bosses and gather ulti points for the next boss fight.

    As for the gear, I think that sturdy trait will be top pick. Each gear peace gives +4% block cost reduction. 7 pcs armour + 1 shields, means that you can have 32% block cost reduction on a WW - and that is without CP.

    The other sets (aside of Tormentor, that is esential for WW tank to work), after testing I ended up with Ebon armour & Earthgore. Those 2 should provide quite good group utility.
    As fo the potions, I think tri-stat potions will be top pick - since you are able to convert magicka to stamina with WW heals.
    For the race, I guess if you go for Argonian, you can boost your sustain even further (potion passive).
    If you will be lucky enaough to get Mythic sets, I think Bloodlord's Embrace will be best for WW tank. It provides insane magicka sustain, which means you will have a lot of magicka to heal or to cenvert to stamina to block.
    Final note: I don't think WW will be best or one of the best tanks. It will be lacking for sure to use it in vet dlc trials. But I can totally see it being used in other content - n Trials or even some vet dlc dungeons.
  • Qbiken
    Even if werewolf can tank with the change to Tormentor, you´re still limited to tank 1 add every 5 seconds due to the fact that after you´ve used your pounce, you´ll activate carnage (which you´ve 5 seconds to cast on a target). During these 5 seconds you´re locked out of your gapcloser, which means you can´t proc tormentor and taunt.

    ZOS needs to change the way pounce works so you´re not locked out of your gapcloser. Carnage should apply instantly when you hit a target with your pounce.
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