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Sorc Heal VBrp Unchained

I want to go for Unchained in VBrp with my mates and wanted to get some Ideas/Suggestions at the Forum.
I know many ppl say to go in there with 3 dds but as Mainheal I want to have the title on one of my Heals and so I decided to do it with my sorcheal.
So my question now is: does someone have an idea on how I could build something like an "off heal", which can heal (group doesn't need much heal) and get some good damage/support output same time?
If not Sorc, I would also love to hear your suggestions for Warden, Necro or Templar heal (I play all of them regularly)
The Tank is DK, Dds are Magcro and Magblade.
Best regards :)

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  • Dubsky
    Soul Shriven
    I've done 4 Unchaineds this patch as Off-Heal (Templar 2x, NB, Warden) for the same reasons. 3DD run is faster of course but only with a very experienced group. We still did 34mins. with Off-Heal so it's fine I would say.

    The only healing skills that you really need (or atleast what I always took) is Combat Prayer and IH. Everything else was pure DPS. AoE skills for normal waves, ST for boss.

    As sets it's really comfy to play Olo+Hollowfang (for the sustain, healing and extra crit.). If the tank plays Olorime you can ofc. also go with another DPS set instead of it. On my NB for example I was only on Hollow + MA.
    PC/EU Healer Main

    [Healer] Breton Templar [2x Godslayer, 4x Tick-Tock, 2x Unchained, 1x Immortal Redeemer]
    [Healer] Altmer Templar
    [Healer] Breton Warden [1x Godslayer, 4x Gryphon Heart, 3x Tick-Tock, 1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Sorcerer [1x Godslayer, 1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Altmer Sorcerer
    [Healer] Altmer Nightblade [1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Dragonknight [1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Necromancer [1x Godslayer, 1x Tick-Tock]
    [Tank] Nord Dragonknight
    [DD] Stamina Warden
    [DD] Stamina Sorcerer
    [DD] Stamina Nightblade
    [DD] Stamina Necromancer

    5x Godslayer | 4x Gryphon Heart | 8x Tick-Tock-Tormentor | 6x Unchained | 1x Immortal (116,6k)
  • Teuton67
    I would highly suggest having a Templar in the group. Extended Ritual is just that good. The availability for anyone of the group to be able to purge themselves is great for trying to get Unchained.
  • stevenyaub16_ESO
    You can go full heal and get it within the time. It does depend on your DPS but I did mine with a pure healer and got 38 minutes. He used hollowfang, olorime + symphony.

    Everything is highly dependent on your team members though. What they are capable of and depending on class.

    One thing i have learnt from doing multiple different group setups is that having a magcro or healcro makes things noticeably easier due to totem. With your makeup sorc healer should be more than fine for it.
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