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Still Spinning in MacOS Catalina

Soul Shriven
Hello folks,

I had the issue a while back with the spinning in MacOS. I was able to do the fix suggested in the knowledge base here (https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/42825/~/why-does-my-camera-keep-spinning-in-eso-on-macos-mojave?)for quite some time, however this fix no longer works at all for me. It is still checked and yet the spinning still happens. Is there any other fix that is known? Is this a known issue that this fix does not always work?

Any help would be appreciated here as I know the Support wait times are extremely long at the moment.
  • boggo
    Same here.
    Old fix (which shouldn't be necessary in the first place) doesn't work anymore.

    edi: I'm talking about the PTS client
    Edited by boggo on April 21, 2020 6:42PM
  • thedavidventer
    Uncheck and recheck the option in macOS accessibility preferences. If that doesn't work, remove it and manually add it again. Also, report this in the PTS thread and in-game using the feedback function.

    And please tell me, does the PTS client finally have a functional multitasking spaces windowed full-screen mode that’s actually full-screen and not just maximized? Have you also tried playing with a controller? Is that fixed yet?
    Edited by thedavidventer on April 26, 2020 2:43PM
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  • seaef
    I used to have this problem right after a crash. After a few times I realized that it only happened when I selected "Reopen" from the crash dialog.

    I did a bit of further sleuthing and found that it only happens when I start the game outside of the launcher, which is what happens when you select "Reopen".

    If the game crashes I now close the crash report and the launcher and restart. Haven't had spinning in quite a while.
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