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Zone Quest chain broken: Stros M'kai-to-Betnikh

Cannot complete the Daggerfall Covenant zone questline on a new character; the NPC "Gruluk gro-Khazun" originally issued the starting quest from Betnikh dock; he is not present.

Using the Zone Quest guide from the Betnikh map places a marker to talk to "Seamount Scout" on the docks; the marker leads to an empty spot with no NPC.

I cannot use the in-game "get help" tool for the quest since I cannot accept a quest from an NPC that isn't rendered.

Stros M'kai was 100%'d before talking to the captain of the ship in port to proceed to Betnikh. Traveling back to Betnikh, the captain cannot be spoken to (interacting has no effect).


EDIT: After browsing the forums a bit, it seems a workaround may be to complete the three secondary zone quests at which point the Scout NPC will be rendered to start The Bloodthorn Plot chain. Will attempt this and edit if it works.
EDIT2: Completing the other zone quests out of order does indeed spawn Seamount Scout on the player's location for the Bloodthorn Plot chain.

Also, when I went to edit this post, a 'category' field appeared and was required to submit the edit. 'Bug reports' was greyed out, so the only option was to pick a new category. This seems to have moved the post. Not sure why this happened.
Edited by Lazy_Voyager on April 20, 2020 4:54PM
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