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You sleep rather soundly for a murderer, that’s good. You’ll need a clear conscience for what we’re about to propose.

We’d like you to become one with the Legion of Dark Shadow. The friendliest guild of outlaws, thieves, and assassins in Tamriel. We’re a helpful social guild, and we welcome veteran and newer players alike.

Like the void we’ve always got one eye on our members who we support to become experienced ESO players. We take first time trial runners with us on our weekly trials, after members have been guided by our Dark Mentors.

It is acceptance of those from all walks of life (and death) that keep our veteran members coming back

*We have an Active Discord Community
*Multiple Trials organised every week and vet dungeons
*Guild House with all crafting sets, mundus stones, and target dummies. Second Guild tavern for social events *2nd Guild for Trading - 20k gold weekly sales requirement due to 500 member limit (To not be kicked from group on Sunday, but rejoining is possible) *Regular community events such as our lore quiz, world boss groups, and more *We are always accepting suggestions from our members, and fairly promote those who show potential for good leadership.

Feel free too join discord

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