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Cadwell's Almanac?

I am a aldmeri dominion high elf player and i completed my main quest and i finally completed silver part of Cadwell's Almanac(ebonheart pact). Cadwell said that i finished both Aldmeri dominion and Ebonheart Pact while i was turning in quest but the thing is: i never completed aldmeri dominion quests? Was i supposed to complete my own alliance's story quests first? Did i miss anything? I am confused. Please someone clarify. Thanks.
  • Enodoc
    Originally you had to complete your home alliance's story quests before Cadwell's Almanac was unlocked. That's no longer the case but Cadwell's dialogue was never changed.

    As an Aldmeri Dominion player, you would do Khenarthi's Roost, Auridon, Grahtwood, Greenshade, Malabal Tor and Reaper's March (in that order) parallel with the Main Quest, and then move on to the Coldharbour zone story.

    The quest chart here shows how the progression of the Main Quest was designed to align with the zones of each alliance:
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  • fiender66
    I completed Cadwell's silver and gold without having ever completed my faction zone quests. That is, my toon (Breton, DC), only completed the Daggerfall zone quests, then started and completed the main quest, vanquished Molag Bal and Cadwell's followed suite.
    To see which quests are necessary for Cadwell's gold look at Cadwell almanac in the journal. There are some quests (a couple in Eastmarch, if I remember well) that are not in the zone, but are necessary.
  • Nestor
    You can do the Alliance Zone Quests in any order you want. It will get a bit goofy when your done with AD as you get set to the next Alliance upon completion, if you talk to Caldwell. Ignore that.

    So, go to Vulkhel Guard, or where ever you left off, use the Zone Guide if you have to, and pick up the story chain.
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