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Scrolls not appearing at Vampire Alters after contracting Vampirism Status Effect

Soul Shriven
I felt very proud of myself. I put in the time and effort to search out the rare mob spawn that can give you the Vampirism active status effect and I succeeded in contracting Vampirism! Huzzah! I did the thing!

...except after traveling to several of the wayshrines in the area, I was never offered any sort of quest to seek out a Vampire Alter. Well, poo on that, I'll just go to the Vampire alter myself and click the scroll - same one that appeared for one of my other characters when I had a guildy bite me!

...except after traveling to all 3 Vampire Shrines, I've discovered that the scroll simply fails to appear.

Something is broken with becoming a Vampire on your own.

It seems I am left with no other course of action than to cleans my hard earned Vampirism active effect, and again beg a guildy to bite me. I only 'complain' on here because it's sucked the fun out of my self accomplished goal.

I even waited until after maintenance to see if that would correct the problem. It did not.

I don't know if this is on anyone's to-do list at ESO, but at least now you know about it. (Even though the bug reports category is locked currently for some reason)
  • Danikat
    I suspect you ran into the same problem I did: you can only pick up the vampirism quest in your characters home alliance.

    After being infected you need to find an NPC called Vorundil outside the main city in the same map as the shrine, and for some reason he will only appear in your alliance. He starts the quest which enables you to become a vampire.

    For whatever reason the quest was never updated to allow for the possibility of someone being bitten anywhere except their own alliance, even though that's been possible since release, if you waited until you got into the later veteran zones to be turned.
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