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MerchantAndMercs Jack Of All Trades? No level requirement - No forced gear changes

Trust me, I know the PS4 community is toxic as all hell however MerchantAndMercs is trying to change that! We are here to teach and grow together. We provide a donation-based trader, Run all pve content, We have a core team to help run players through for vet skin runs, we run trials almost daily, and have vet run signups on our discord, Events? Not only do we help players through learning the in_game events we host our own events to help keep our player base active. We are currently recruiting all roles, anyone is welcome to join however if you want to participate in vet trials with our guild you have to at least be able to put out 35k DPS or higher. Understand we will help players get there not only to teach mechanics but progress through content to help obtain gear. WE DO NOT FORCE META or require our guild members to change there sets for trials but simply have to make it to 35k or higher on a DPS test. I could say we are the best and feed a bunch of bs but I'm simply not going to do that, we do have our faults but try to keep in mind what is most important, enjoying the game and completing challenging content! For an inv shoot Next_Mr_Big a message on PSN and send a message why you are wanting to join, something simple will do just fine! or search for us in the guild finder Trading/PVE should be second on the list!

I want to quickly add, just because we require a minimum DPS test for vet trials doesn't mean we are the most elite guild in the game, basic numbers required to be able to complete craglorn trials, yes sometimes we may fail, but our failure makes us stronger, gives us ideas where we need to improve, etc. I would rather teach 100 new players and have those players within my guild than to recruit any amount of players that feel they know everything, I provide what I know about mechanics, knowledge on builds, just general advice based on what I have experienced for myself, you don't have to take my advice! and anyone will tell you I don't give up unless there is only me left in the room. I am a completionist, not an elitist. The people who are the most loyal to my guild are ones who have found MerchantAndMercs as there first guild, I have players still from the beginning that still play, combat vets that have returned home, families that play together, etc. overall we are here to enjoy the game!
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