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Noob Dungeon Help

Level 10 Warden here. I want to try a dungeon because why not. Problem is, I don't want to embarrass myself and ruin the team. I'm not even sure which role I would fulfill considering a Warden has a bit of everything lol. I have the main line basic skills and some bow skills (spec in Stamina) but I imagine a Warden is expected to moreso be a healer?

  • Daffen
    You can play any class as a healer, tank or dd. Wardens are as you said best suited for healing or tanks but it only matters when you are in the end-game. You can play warden as a dd if you want, noone is stopping you, and neither will the dungeon. Good luck.
  • Arbit
    At level 10 you won’t embarrass yourself. You’d likely get a group similar to yourself in level and all figure things out together. You’re only a tank if you have a taunt, and I wouldn’t heal if you’re not using a staff. Sounds like if you’re using bow you’d wanna be a dd. Just beware that que is long for dd’s.
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  • El_Borracho
    Well, level 10 is low. But its a normal dungeon. There's nothing to ruin. The only achievement is a clear. No death, time trial, or hard mode do not exist for normals. You will probably join in and watch as another player melts everything with a CP810 who is either doing a normal pledge or leveling skills.

    One thing, you will see level 20-50 players seemingly destroy everything in their path. They are not true level 20-50 players. They are likely alternate characters who have max CP points. Don't feel that you are doing something wrong just because they appear to be the same low level as you.
  • mainmanM
    Thanks for the feedback, y'all. As an update (because I know you want it), I did 5 or so on my Stamden and leveled up like crazy. Super fun.

    Now I just did my first one as a Templar healer and the ranged dps aggro'd full rooms, twice. I nearly died but managed to kill off the last few monsters and revive the team. It was super HYPE. It is very evident that my previous dungeons were carried by skilled characters, and this team was true 10's haha. I hope it gets that close to death again--10/10 would do again.
  • newtinmpls
    Sounds like you are observing and learning - I agree doing dungeons is lots of fun with good groups.
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  • Eifleber

    In the beginning i was also uncertain about dungeons. I played my share of MMOs before ESO and gear requirements, not knowing the mechanics and pulling wrong groups and such could be quite demanding.

    ESO is an easy game though. One main difference: when you wipe you aren't kicked out but you can res and continue. Dungeons for below lvl 50 are easy/very easy (and don' t have tricky mechanics) and chances that a weaker player ruins it for the group are zero. You breeze through in most cases. Usually my main problem was keeping up with the veteran players that rush ahead all the time.
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