New EMP system Idea

What if they updated the EMP system so there is a better way that more people could get it instead of the same people that "Farm" AP

Its pretty much the same system ( the current one will stay for leaderboard rewards ) we have in place but just like the evaluation score it resets every hour ( maybe every 4 ) but at the end of the 4 hours, whoever has the most AP in that time, they then have an hour to capture all 6 Outer Keeps and claim Emp, and after that hour if no one has it, the scores reset and you start all over again

Just something that popped into my head that could work.
  • Sanctum74
    I’m ok with the current emp system, but I would rather they just drastically reduce the amount of ap for taking empty keeps. Unfortunately now groups just ignore the map and pvdoor. I miss the days when people actually fought each other instead of doors and npc’s.
  • Ackwalan
    Put a cool down timer on getting EMP. When a person loses EMP they can't get it again for a certain amount of time, depending on the campaign length. If the alliance get the inner ring and the person in 1st place has a cool down timer active, it goes to the 2nd place, if 2nd place has a cool down timer it goes to 3rd place, on down the line until someone without a cool down timer gets it.
  • L_Nici
    The Cooldown idea is actually pretty good. As long as it is not that long that you literally get emp by waiting it out, that would destroy the whole point.
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  • Zelos
    The problem isnt emp, but the factions populations. DC is usually 2 baring for the entire day. AD is usually sweeping the map and EP varies.
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  • vamp_emily
    So many fake Emps they need to make it harder to get the achievement. Just add Dynamic Population so you don't have players PvDooring and getting the Emp Achievement.

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  • Beardimus
    I'd like the cheating boosting farming and flipping to be gone also.

    Unsure your suggestion would help as it would encourage boosting just in a 4hr period and the sweaty guilds would still 'own' Emp ship etc.

    ZOS looking at cheating and boosting the biggest gain. As then folks could legit push for Emp and quiet pop camps would be fun.
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  • brtomkin
    I would allow a player's character to become emperor once per campaign. After that character is dethroned, that character receives end of campaign rewards and is removed from the leaderboard until next campaign.

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  • Qbiken
    Every suggestion ever made to change the emperor mechanics always comes down to:

    I can't get emp in the current design, please change so I can get it too.......
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