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Increase Grass Draw Distance Please

Hi I´ve come back to the game after about seven months and I am completely enjoying it again. :smile: But , my eyes still hurts when I see grass magically growing around me in the old zones. Game here just look so bad because of the plain ugly ground without grass which is sadly really close to you. Take for example Summerset where the grass draw distance is drasitacally improved and the zone just looks gorgerous.

But then you go back to the old zones and you feel like you are playing a totally different game :( . I was always wondering why the old zones feels so ugly and its 90% because of that terrible grass draw distance. Like for example in this picture below, which was taken in Stonefalls. The enviroment around you looks great, but then you look to the distance and it just look so ugly because of the missing grass.

If you just make an option in the settings to increase grass distance to match Summerset and newer dlcs, it would make the old zones look 10000% better, please make this option. It totally ruins the immersion of the game and a totally hate this in any game and I can´t understand why we still don´t have a choice to increase that draw distance if we want, because the game engine is clearly capable of handling it.

Pretty please :)
  • SgtSilock
    Stay away from No Man's Sky.
  • relentless_turnip
    I like it and I feel assured considering the lag when I see things processing efficiently. This includes short loading distances for grass.

    I like going over the brow of a hill and seeing the grass grow 👍
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