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End Of Campaign Reset

Why haven’t they changed the end of the campaign to a map/scroll/emp reset? All home keeps/scrolls to owners and outposts gray. Make a race to get to them.

I feel like this would bring balance. Starting off with the whole map, emp, and scrolls ruins the campaign.
  • MinnesotaKid
    You don't even get a popup acknowledgement that the campaign has ended... or who won...

    I like your idea!

  • oXI_Viper_IXo
    Yup, DC had the hammer and emp right before reset and zerged down the entire map. Looks like this camp is gonna be a **** show just like the last one.
  • Crimsonwolf666
    I thought, that once upon a time, it use to reset (not sure only been into PvPing for about 3 months now) but when the campaigns ended I was disappointed to see the map didn't change at all.
  • x48rph
    It would definitely make sense for it to reset. I hazard a guess that it doesn't because people are in there playing when it happens but really, it should dump everyone back at their home base and reset.
  • Major_Lag
    The problem with resetting the campaign is that it will frequently lead to situations where it's pointless to continue playing anymore (in terms of playing the objectives) until the next reset.

    Imagine, for example, this kind of situation: It's near the end of the current campaign, and alliance A has 80k points, B has 70k and C has 60k.
    The best case scenario is that you can earn a few hundred points per hour, if you own the whole map.
    So on the last day of the campaign, alliance B already has absolutely no chance of winning - the outcome has already been decided.
    For alliance C it's even worse, their loss was already guaranteed almost 2 days before the campaign's end.

    The current system at least gives the losing alliances something to work towards - even though you are already doomed to lose the campaign, you can at least push the map and try to get the best possible start in the new campaign.
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