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Lag spikes?....

Soul Shriven
I have already opened a ticket regarding this and it's been 2 weeks+ since then.
Worst days is where i lag for no reason and decent days is where i lag in combat......... ping simply jumps to 999
And i have already done everything possible.

The only thing i can think of is getting the none steam version of the game which is f that. it's supposed to be gifted to players with the steam edition as an apology for the sad state of the steam servers.

So does anyone have ANYYYYY idea on how i could possibly well NOT LAG.

```A list of things already done.```
1.Spoken to my ISP
2.Changed my ISP
3.Added ports to firewall/router
4.My pc has every single driver/windows updated even my bios/ssd[EVERY SINGLE THING]
5.I also do weekly scans to keep it clean i have been fixing my own pc for 10+ years
6.And no i don't have any viruses or anti virus softwares affecting the game.
7.Reset the ProgramData folder =ALREADY DONE.
8.Game is verified and is fully functional and updated.

So they gave me this excuse of my ip changing
```Playing The Elder Scrolls Online on a variable IP is not recommended. As your IP changes, which may be every few minutes or so, the game typically either times out or kicks you back to login the next time you hit a load screen, whether that be logging into a character or changing zones.```

which is a joke if you ask me. because i already tested a static ip as well.

So once again
Does anyone have ANYYYYY idea on how i could possibly well fix this lag?
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