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Guild-based Incentives (For PvP)

Soul Shriven
I would like to see ZOS introduce some sort of incentive for guilds to organize in Cyrodiil (i.e. Guild-based leaderboards based off of average guild AP). It would be cool to see ZOS make PvP in Cyrodiil reflect the efforts made off of groups of people instead of just individuals.

Please vote below wether you agree or disagree with this idea and feel free to provide any other ideas regarding guild-based incentives for PvP--I am interested to see what others would say about this topic because as it is now, I would find Cyrodiil more entertaining if I could push for a unanimous goal with a group of people thats is beyond just helping people achieve emperor.

Guild-based Incentives (For PvP) 14 votes

Cyrodiil should have a greater emphasis on guilds.
alainjbrennanb16_ESOkwisatzTBoisFinneganFrothFreakin_HytteNeophyteDivineFirstYOLOMajor_LagGuyle 9 votes
Cyrodiil should stay as it is.
martinhpb16_ESOdennissomb16_ESOKnightpantherJumpmanLaneTaunky 5 votes
  • Hamish999
    I'm in 5 guilds, which one counts towards the leaderboard?
    Do'Zahra - Khajiit - StamDK - AD
    Narese Telvanni - Dunmer - Petsorc - EP
    Anastasie Chastain - Breton - Magplar - DC
    Gashnakh the Lusty - Orc - Stamsorc - AD
    Stands-In-Stoopid - Argonian - Warden Tank - AD
    Talia al-Morwha - Redguard - Stamden - AD
    Makes-Fier-Wrong - Argonian - Stamblade - AD
    Busty-Argonian-Maid - Argonian - Templar Healer - AD
    Alaru Telvanni - Dunmer - Stamplar - AD
    Ko'Raehsi - Khajiit - Magsorc - AD
    Torhild Rock-Chucker - Nord - StamDK - AD
    Drusilla Larouche - Breton - MagDK - AD
    Ko'Khanni - Khajiit - Magden - AD
    Ilithyia Ectorius - Imperial - DK Tank -AD

    Keyboard and mouse FTW!
  • ValueDrift
    Giving guilds a reason to care about the campaign would require also doing something about the night capping. I don't know about other servers, but on PC/EU nocp night capping decides every campaign, and nothing that is done in prime time matters.
  • alainjbrennanb16_ESO
    Cyrodiil should have a greater emphasis on guilds.
    I think they do need to sort out, but not at the expense of peeps, as that may be the only time they can play, but instead based on population, ie: i know what valuedrift is on about i play on that server, lower the points gain for the alliance when the other alliance's have no one in or 1 bar, but leave alone the ap gained by each person would resolve this
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    Main character dk - Vanikifar whitestrike
  • Guyle
    Cyrodiil should have a greater emphasis on guilds.
    I like the idea of being some sort of leaderboard or tracking situation for certain guild related things, like AP earned during a campaign, or length of time a keep was held under the banner of a specific guild. But nothing that pays out rewards, I feel like that would just cause ppl to flock and make things lopsided.
  • Major_Lag
    Cyrodiil should have a greater emphasis on guilds.
    Cyrodiil, being a group vs group oriented zone, should definitely reward more organized forms of grouping (as in: guild groups).
    And it doesn't even have to be actual in-game rewards - merely having a guild leaderboard would go a long way towards that end.

    Also, I think it would be maybe a poor idea to score guilds by AP earned, since that would probably just lead to even more AP farming by flipping resources, PvDooring empty keeps, and Xv1'ing.

    A much more useful measure would be some kind of scoring based on objectives captured and held - to discourage merry-go-round resource flipping and similar unproductive behavior which does not actually improve a faction's situation.
    Hopefully this would also incentivize large guilds to spread out more with multiple smaller groups, instead of stacking in one huge blob.
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