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Greymoor Collectors Edition Upgrade (Canada availability)

Hi all,

English not my 1st language, I apologize in advance for mistakes. That being said.

I was about to purchase the Greymoor Collectors Edition Upgrade last night (it was in my amazon shopping cart for a while but never took the time to actually pre-order it...anyways...)

Last night was the time!

So I went into my amazon cart to realize the "currently unavailable" state of the Greymoor Collectors Edition Upgrade.

"Ok thats weird...I'll go to Best"

BestBuy: Out of stock, including near store pick-up...

"Ok thats weirder...I'll do to"

EbayGames: Out of stock, online and also in store.

"Ok it the time to panick" ?

I have all the other CE (except base game, I'm hunting down an affordable option over ebay) so I'm a bit sad thinking I'm missing the train here.

Of course, all elsewhere its still available. (no shipping in canada) etc...

I'm about to consider the option of a US BOX and then make it ship to Canada via a cross border shipping service but I don't want my CE to cost me 300$ bucks...

So my question: Is the CE will be available again, in stock, in some near release time? How can *all of the entire stock* of 3 big sellers like amazon, bestbuy and ebgame, be all sold out all at the same time?

I dont know how to tag an official...@ZOSginabruno ? Thanks in advance.
  • baratron
    That is indeed very odd. I wonder if the Greymoor CE has been pulled from Canada due to the lack of French voice acting? (as announced today by Matt Firor via Twitter.) Apparently ZOS are unable to get French voice acting recorded because all of the recording studios in France are shut down due to Covid-19, so Greymoor will be released with French text only.

    They can't have run out of physical collectors' editions because it's still available in the US and Europe. Perhaps @ZOS_GinaBruno or @ZOS_JessicaFolsom could shed some light?
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  • pylawn
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    Same issue here actually! Can't find the collectors edition anywhere in Canada for PC.
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