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[OPEN RECRUITMENT] Mechanics Are Hard

Mechanics Are Hard - Trials, Dungeons, Achievements, PvP, Housing, Questing, Crafting, Fishing

About Us
Mechanics Are Hard is a brand new guild that was started with one thing in mind - to give like-minded players a place to group for both PvE and PvP content, and to simply socialize. Our guild goals include questing, casual PvE/PvP, and end-game content. We have a pretty strong core group of veteran players that are willing to help with all aspects of the game. We would like to put together a core trials roster so that we can put together a set schedule for progressions and trials each week. Many of our rosters will be open to all; meaning we don't require you to do a DPS parse to get on a roster! All we ask is that you use your best judgement when signing up to be on a roster. If you don't feel you are ready then it would be wise to seek build/rotation advice, and our members would be more than happy to assist you! Toxicity, elitism, and drama is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. We all just want to have fun, and welcome all aspects of humor, but please do not take it too far or you will be unkindly removed from the guild!

Guild Communication
We have a Discord server where we hang out, chat, and post rosters for different dungeon achievements (no death, speed run, hard mode completions) that is available for everyone to participate in. Discord is not a requirement, but it does make it easier to put scheduled groups together for specific content, and get a general idea of what content our members would like to run.

How to Join
Message Diminish-_- on PSN, in-game mail, or comment below with your PSN name, and an invite will be sent as quickly as possible!

Please keep in mind, this guild was founded less than 24 hours ago! Please be patient as we fill it with active members, and start building content rosters. In the meantime we will be grouping for random content with anyone online via guild chat, and discord!
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