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Several accounts

Soul Shriven
Hello, i was playing eso on PC for a while and now I decided to try it on my PS4 but I have several accounts on my system for different regions, my main account is Russian one and since i live in Poland and i don't have a Russian bank card anymore, I'm buying games on my Polish acc and playing on my Russian acc.
I've heard that DLC don't apply to different acc but if I buy entire game cold "The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr" which contain main game and three chapters on my Polish ACC will chapters be available on my Russian ACC?

Best Answer

  • Rittings
    Chapters are bound to the account you buy them on... I had this same problem. I'm from UK but lived in the United States, so had to get money to my family in the UK to buy my chapters for me - and even did the same for my ESO+... it's quite frustrating... I mean, you'd think (like other games) the chapters would be available on EVERY PSN on that SAME PS4, so long as the primary purchased it.... that's how other games work, but ZOS wanted to squeeze a bit more profit out the game I guess... I can understand it for different PS4s (where it requires another primary purchasing it) but on the same console?? Makes no sense... like I say, other games operate in the sensible way... this is the only game I've come across that uses this model.
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