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Red Mountain in ESO Question??

So I am a big fan of lore in this game but this question is nagging at me!
So I know that Red Mountain has exploded three times in history, once in the first era, once in the second, and once in the fourth. I am just doing the EP quest line and everyone keeps saying that it exploded recently.. and it sure looks like it has with the smoke and ash and all. But to my understanding, it doesn't explode until later in the second era. Am I missing something?
Thank you all for helping!
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  • VaranisArano
    I don't recall Red Mountain coming up in the EP questline, but I fully admit its been a while since I replayed it. Which quests? If you are in Stonefalls, the plot does deal with a volcano exploding, but that's not Red Mountain.

    In Morrowind, a part of the climax of the plot deals with you preventing an eruption of Red Mountain.
  • Benzux
    As was mentioned above, fairly certain that the dialogue in Stonefalls is talking about either Ash Mountain of the Tormented Spire, the two volcanoes on the Morrowind mainland that have the Brothers of Strife imprisoned within them.
    However, Red Mountain does in fact erupt during the Vvardenfell questline, though only briefly:
    When Clavicus Vile stole Vivec's divine energy, Baar Dau threatened to fall onto Vivec City, and the Red Mountain began to spew ash and brimstone after being restive for a long time. This was attributed to the fact that "Vivec loves the land, and the land loves him in return", so Vivec's suffering at the drastic loss of his power caused Vvardenfell itself to suffer as well, thus the "minor" eruption. Had Vivec not regained his powers, the eruption would have become cataclysmic at the fall of Baar Dau, which would have caused the Red Year to happen a few centuries early.
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