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Elder Scrolls Onoffonoffoffonoffononoffline performance plan mission statement.

We will continue fixing this game until it becomes more broken :) Then we will fix/break it some more!

Seriously though, can the powers that be that are in charge of this game not see that performance is DECREASING not improving? Stop all the shiny new window dressing until the game actually has decent stability.
  • danthemann5
    Sales are up. Working as intended. Revenue is the only performance ZOS is interested in improving, and they're doing quite well. Nothing to see here, please move along.
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    Greetings! We've closed this thread due to its non-constructive nature.

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  • I_killed_Vivec
    Sales are up, costs are down.

    They just switch the EU servers off for a day every now and then, blame it on maintenance. They know we'll buy it because the EU server is always broken after maintenance...
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