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Nord in the AD?

Hey guys, I created a Nord dragonknight and I put him in the AD.

During a quest I saw this https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Lakhazga_gro-Rimat

She is an Orc defector of DC who joined the AD.

I am wondering if there are Nord npcs as well who joined the AD for some similar reason, or because they live there, but i didn't find anything online.

It's just to help myself and convince myself about my character, because i chose AD by mistake haha And so having a backup storyline would feel better to play and to make it as my main xD

I know it's weird.

Thanks guys.
  • SkoomaPie
    Or you could be a mercenary for hire if you so wish.
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  • VaranisArano
    I don't recall Nords in the base game AD zones. You do see the Orc and a tribe of Argonians.
  • Nord_Raseri
    Well being that I mostly play Nords (9 out of 12 characters) and all except my first two(crafter and pve tank) are AD. Lorewise? I'd be fighting for Jorunn, but I'm part of an AD pvp guild and a few of those guys/gals are the reason I stuck it out as a Nord banana. So, you are not alone, there's a few of us. Think of them like Jomsviking(Mercenaries) ;)
    Veit ég aðég hékk vindga meiði á nætr allar níu, geiri undaðr og gefinn Oðni, sjálfr sjálfum mér, á þeim meiði er manngi veit hvers hann af rótum rennr.
  • ArchMikem
    I'm a Khajiit Pact main, so you're not alone in the mismatching. But I don't know of any Nord NPCs that are aligned with the Dominion, just regular citizens, travelers, merchants etc.
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  • Beardimus
    Change now before you sink any time, it's not right sir! Unless Hes a spy!
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  • Tethilia
    Maybe you are a Nord who moved to Elsweyr or Valenwood. It might be harder to explain him living with the High Elves but it's not impossible. If you made him recently, maybe he moved to Summerset.

    People are also born all over Tamriel. You could have been born to a Nord mother and an Altmer/Khajiit/Bosmer/Imperial/Orc father easily in the Altmeri Dominion territory. If I were to pick my favorite, it would be an Nord mother and an Ohme father, so your Nord would wear Khajiit tattoos. (The golden First Cat's Pride would be my choice)
  • InaMoonlight
    No weirder then actual nationalities being born other places in the world then their origin, happens all the time! :D

    Could also be adopted ;)
    Edit = Typos ... as usual. <;D
  • Nomadic_Atmoran
    If it was an NPC I'd be skeptical. But being the Vestige its baked into the franchise that you can be whatever race you want.
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  • worrallj
    There are plenty of random nords scattered around in different AD towns, but they don't have back stories like the orc you referenced. They just happen to live there I guess.

    My headcannon for the reasons to prefer each alliance (and the reasons my toons would give for crossing the racial line) are as follows:

    AD: oldest culture, probably closest ties to the gods and best equipped to confront the deadra. Also by far the most personable leader, who you might actually trust with power.
    DC: not a democracy but the closest we've got. A curmudgeonly leader, but by virtue of an emphasis on commerce and "success breeds success" you view this alliance as the least prone to brute tyranny and most likely to maintain a functional society.
    EP: an emphasis on rugged individuality. Might makes right in this culture, with a nord leader who gained power by virtue of being a warrior. The dark elves similarly view power as an end into itself, going so far as to attempt to steal the power of the gods for mortal purposes. While the chaos of this loose alliance let's a lot of questionable behavior slide, the lack of central authority and the overabundance of ambition provide the ingredients for any future that can be imagined.
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  • Danikat
    Most NPCs don't have much backstory, unless they're part of a quest and then only what's related to that quest. So it's not unusual that the nord NPCs in Dominion areas don't explain why they're there. But I don't think it's much of a stretch given the alliance war is relatively recent and most of Tamriel was united in the past, but is now split along ideological lines. There's all kinds of reasons someone might be part of a different alliance.

    Here's some examples:
    • Birth - their parents/grandparents/etc. moved to a different part of Tamriel during peace times, they were born and/or raised in their current home and feel more a part of that culture than their race's one.
    • Rescue - they were orphaned or abandoned as a baby and taken in by parents of a different race.
    • Ideology - they agree with one of the alliances stated aims and attitudes and think they're the best choice to rule Tamriel.
    • Opposition - they're opposed to some part of their 'home' alliance and refuse to be part of it (e.g. an argonian ex-slave who refuses to ally with dunmer).
    • Exile - they were banished from their home for some reason and forced to move somewhere else.
    • Indifference - they're a travelling merchant/highwayman/adventurer/medic/whatever who cares nothing about the war and won't let it get in their way.
    • Chance - they were dumped out of Coldharbour in a random location, got roped into helping the local milita and ended up getting conscripted regardless of their race. (Although this now requires manually starting the main quest, and that involves going to your alliance's starter city, but it can still work.)
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  • Curtdogg47
    I play wood elves in the Pact. I just called them Tiny Nord's. Gave them big beards. They pretty much look like a Nord but were smaller.

  • Foefaller
    The simplest explanation for member of non-Alliance races being members of that alliance is probably the correct one, which is that they've lived there all their lives and identify by that more than where their people are from.

    I mean, there is an Orc member of the Pact in the Imperial City who basically says exactly that; his Stronghold was in *Skyrim*, not High Rock, so when it got sacked by Orcthane for not joining him and the survivors went their own ways, it made more sense to go to Windhelm and sign up there.
  • Deathlord92
    Dc alpha alliance 💪
    Edited by Deathlord92 on July 7, 2020 2:01PM
  • Aigym_Hlervu
    Dc alpha alliance 💪

    Reminded me of an old, let's say, Cyrovision song of the "Daedra Lordi" bard band :p. Don't know why. Ah, nevertheless that was a lovely song.

    "High Rock Halleluja"
    "Auriel's is crippled on this Fiery Night,
    Lost are the Elves with no guiding light.
    Walls come down like thunder,
    A keep's about to fall -
    It's the Daedrocalypse - now bare your soul.

    All we need is lightning, an Anchor and might,
    Striking down our Aldmeri foes.
    As the Moons are rising, give us the sign,
    Now let us rise up and howl.

    Ra Gadan ranger,
    Orc of High
    Rock, hallelujah!
    Aedra and Daedra, all in one have arrived.
    Ra Gadan ranger,
    Orc of High
    Rock, hallelujah!
    On Eight's creation supernatural fight.

    High Rock, hallelujah!
    High Rock, hallelujah!"
  • OtarTheMad
    You can always craft a story for your character to justify them being in an odd alliance.

    Like I said in another thread, I have an AD Dragonknight who is a Nord and he is loyal to Queen Ayrenn because he feels like the other alliances look down on magic users and he loves the arcane arts. He moved to Auridon a long time ago to further his knowledge of magic and the arcane arts without being an outcast.

    I also have a High Elf as my EP main. Pretty simple roleplay here is that she is actually half altmer/half snow elf. (snow elf refugees were looking for help after King Harald incident and found an altmer family, they interbred and she was born). My EP elf has always lived in the Skyrim/EP alliance area and it's all she knows so she fights for Jorunn because she is loyal to her King and homeland. She has nothing against the Aldmeri Dominion and other elves but she does not know them.
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