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Can we talk about performance?

The game works worse than ever. Since the "performance patch" everything is broken as hell, and i don't really know why, because before the patch, besides some casual lag, everything worked fine, at least in my computer. How is it possible that the problem, not only wasn't fixed, but went even worse?

Lag, input freeze, crashes and disconnections every ten minutes. Right now this unplayable.
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  • NoodleESO
    It feels like Cyrodiil performance has crept into pve, in cloudrest getting stunned will lock your character up for a few seconds and trying casting any aoe rn is a dps loss
  • vamp_emily
    I was in BGs and couldn't fire any weapons. Only thing I could do is run around trying not to die.

    Performance is a pandemic!

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  • Tarrocan
    Would we talking about this performance right now , then I don’t know where this will end. the only thing what I can tell u is that the devs don't care about it. I mean look at all this patchnotes. „They fixed the whole game„ :#
    why is this performance garbage? just because ZOS don't care do fix anything, they just generate Money from people they don't care for Quality
  • depravity_influence
    yeah this is pretty crappy on their end. Stuff wasnt the best but it worked before U25. The best way to kill a game is to not know how to improve it or to just make it worse. Everyone should just stop paying for their subs i did after Elswyre came out.
    when the money stops flowing in then they'll listen & probably might fix some of their "improvements". i left before and i dont have a problem leaving again. U25 broke the game and its only going to get worse
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