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[PC][NA] AedraofDeath is an accomplished vet trial guild looking for more non-toxic members!

We're a group of dedicated vet trial runners looking for more members. We've completed vCraglorn-HM, vMoL, vHof, vAS, vCR+1, and vSS HM-Yoln. We're currently working on vHof-HM and vSS-HM Lokk. We have a number of open runs, and our progs are Monday 10 PM EST, Tuesday 6PM EST, Thursday 9 PM EST Friday 9 PM EST, and Saturday 8 PM EST.
As a guild we've got a lot to offer.

Need help parsing above 80k? 85k? Want to do a ton of trial DPS? Hard modes? Looking to get your feet wet and learn the ropes of trials? We'd be happy to help you do all this and more. We have events ~once a month, a ton of master crafters, a guild house with all the attunable crafting stations. We also do pledges and dungeon achievements.

Qualified applicants should be:
-Interested in game progression
- If DPS (for DLC runs), capable of at least 55k on the Iron Atronach trial dummy in trial gear. This is not a hard limit, and we will work with you to get where you need to be.
- Decent human beings
We're happy to work with and progress with players of all skill levels. No experience necessary. To get in touch please join us in discord Contact me in game:

  • xTarrant
    Hi, we're still looking for new people. Since the last time I've posted we cleared vMol-HM!
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