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mechanics of rp

I have seen multiple threads about rp'ers in this game. My question is how does one rp in ESO? As in the actual technical process. I have seen reference to public chat as well as /say command. What is the difference? If anyone had ever tried to communicate with me in game, I would never have known. My chat window is small and scrolls so quickly I miss most of what is said. Are add-ons being used? Sorry so many questions, I can't figure this out lol
  • idk
    There are two ways in-game RP occurs. One is RPing your character through the storyline and keeping in mind the attitude or mindset of that character.

    Then there is the creative side where a player writes a story and they act it out with other players. Good RP stories are more like D&D where there are variables, essentially dice rolls that determine an outcome. Of course how good this line of RP is depends on the creative minds involved.
  • Iphin
    What I, and a lot of my guildmates do, is utilise the tab feature of the chat box. Creating a separate tab that strictly filters /say and /emote and /group. This drowns out the scroll of /zone and guild or social chatter.

    RP is essentially like improvisation - your characters may be placed in a 'scene' together where they might start a conversation. The conversation part is what is typed into the chatbox using /emote or /say. More creative RPers will type using the /emote box and fashion an entire paragraph with dialogue interspersed.

    An example might be like:

    Character name: approaches the unfamiliar mer, nodding in a gesture of greeting. "Good evening, my friend! How are you?".
    "Those who believe in Telekinesis, raise my hand."
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