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[PC/NA][The House of Kaal]: About us :[RP-PvE/PvP Guild]

[The House of Kaal]: About us :[RP-PvE/PvP Guild]
Please be aware that all PvP activities are OOC and aligned with the Daggerfall Covenant

The House of Kaal was once a powerful House in the Empire, it has seen its fair share of conquest and conflict. While for several generations they were a militant house, many of the house members having served in the Legion for a time, they have shifted to a more diplomatic focus due to the destruction of the Imperial City. The war of conquest for Cyrodiil and the Imperial City by the Three Banners has cost too many lives and ravaged the lands. However, where has this gotten them? And for what? No ground has been gained for any appreciable time, and the factions are slowly crumbling under their own weight. So where the war of conquest has failed, unification in peace and diplomacy is the path to restoring the Empire to the glory it once held before the Longhouse Emperors ascended to the throne.

[guild perks]
> - Welcoming experienced roleplayers and those who are willing to learn.
> - Lore friendly roleplay with a special focus on Imperials.
> - Friendly community who are able and willing to help those with less experience and answer questions.
> - Guild Raffle to help support the guild and those in it. (gold, gear, crowns)

[guild requirements]:
> - Ages 16+
> - Maturity
> - Regular use of Discord.
> - Welcoming to Imperials, Nords, Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs. We Do not accept Vampires, or Werewolfs.

Interested or have questions about the guild? Contact me @VahlokKaal#0911 or join our discord

Yours Truly,
Marquess Selene Kaal.
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