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Should 10% XP marriage bonus display? What is required to get bonus?

After nearly six years, my main character finally got married today.
Now that we are wearing our "Rings of Mara," we have three questions:
1. Should the 10% XP marriage bonus be displaying on the Character screen? We are not showing a bonus (the way we see a bonus for an XP scroll or event double-XP bonus, say).
2. What is required to get the 10% XP bonus. Obviously, both characters need to be logged-on. But some forum posts say both characters need to be in close proximity, close enough so the character names are lit in the group list in the upper left screen. Others forum posts swear they have received the 10% XP bonus with the spouses in different Zones. What's the truth?
3. Is "marriage" character-to-character? or account-to-account? Can the "Ring of Mara" be passed (via the Bank) to a different character in the account, and still work?

Best Answer

  • virtus753

    To the best of my recollection:

    1. I don’t believe the bonus has ever showed up on screen for me. I had to test whether it was active by killing things while wearing it versus without wearing it. So I know it works, but it doesn’t display its effect. It should, though, and I hope they fix this.

    2. It does have to be in proximity to work, I believe. This is easily tested if you kill something in range and then kill something outside of range (e.g. not lit up on the group frame or in a different zone). If I remember right, you do have to be close enough together (and in group) to receive the bonus.

    3. It is character to character. The name of the spouse character will appear on the ring. It can be banked, iirc, but it won’t work on any other character in terms of granting xp, as far as I’ve seen.
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