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More wall decor that is craftable

I would love to see paintings, glass etchings or carved metal and wood type pictures that are craftable. Seems all we have are tapestrys and crown store paintings. The ability to craft flowers in vases or potted plants would be a plus as well. I mean why is this not a thing?
  • ghastley
    Art work (paintings at least) are lootable from containers. You can craft some potted plants, just not very many. The thing I find glaringly missing from any source is the plant pot with soil, to which you add a plant. You can only make a pot, not a planter.

  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    I would like to have the ability to take a screen shot in game and mount it in a frame for hanging. Maybe put it under woodworking furnishings. I've also thought if they were to add gardening to the game that would be a good place to grow plant furnishings.
  • LadySinflower
    I absolutely agree with all of these points and would like to add my two cents to the discussion. Yes, we need a lot more craftable wall decor!

    There are not very many lootable paintings, and the best ones (the triptychs) are so rare that most players will never find one. I loot and steal in Vvardenfell and Summerset daily and have for two years. Haven't found one yet. I have multiple copies of most of the common paintings. The same ones in all of my houses look tedious and boring. The ability to frame a screen shot is a fantastic suggestion!

    I can make a high elf and a dark elf seal, both of which are metal and look very cool. But again, how many of these two things do I want to display? Furniture plans to make race-based wall hangings (other than tapestries) are hard to find, except argonian ones that I don't care for. There are also a couple of nice mantle decorations and stone wall hangings at achievement furnishers. I would rather be able to craft those things though.

    I know ZOS has their hands full trying to add new things for chapters and DLCs, but I really wish they would give this area some attention.
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