Struggling to complete Cadwell's Gold

I was going to make this a bug report but, searching the forums, maybe it's just some missing side quests not shown in Cadwell's Journal? Here's were I'm at...

Shadowfen: Hatching Pools was done but not showing as completed. There are also no pending related tasks in my quest journal. It's in bold font on Cadwell's journal but no "check mark" next to it.
Eastmarch: Cradlecrush is grey'd out. It does not appear that I even have access to that quest.
The Rift: Trolhetta is similar to the Hatching Pools. I don't yet have access to the final hall but at least one of the forums are suggesting there's a side quest I need?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :smile:
  • Raisin
    From what I remember, there are indeed some side quests required to get a missing check mark. Basically the Cadwell's Journal entry doesn't technically refer to doing just the main quest associated with the location, as much as 'clearing out' the location and fixing all the issues there. Why some side quests count and some don't, I'm not sure.
    I recommend going back to the Hatching Pools for example, and walking around the location. The quest should be in there somewhere, probably a fairly short fetch quest.
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  • Alamakot
    Yes, Caldwell's indicates only main points which are rewarded as achievement. In most zones there's enough to complete only them, but at some (like Trolhetta in The Rift) you need to complete all questline to get access to final quest
    this link should help you, enjoy:
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