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Last Khenarthi's Roost quest not available because ...

I started a new character in Elsweyr, then went to Summerset to join the Psijic Order. Went to Vulkhel Guard to start the Vestige storyline.

Before doing "Soul Shriven in Coldharbour" I decided to deal with Watch Captain Astanya …

arrived on Khenarthi's Roost where Raz recognized me (but he did not at the Vulkhel Guard prison). At the end of "The Tempest unleashed" the next quest "To Auridon" is no longer available (because I already dealt with the Watch Captain) … but because of that I cannot board the Prowler, I had to go use the wayshrine ...
The infamous arcane explosion in the Imperial City that happened in the Spring of 2e579 — a night of storms, and trembling terrain — as related by the Chorrol Crier, mentioned by Chancellor Abnur Tharn in his "Eulogy for Emperor Varen" and explained by Lyris of Skyrim in the first volume of her "Chronicles of the Five Companions", and others, I am sure. The “Soulburst” happened at the same time as a big piece of Aetherius fell to Nirn. Coincidence? It was the first major piece of Aetherius to fall in five hundred years.

Then I met the Prophet on 4 Rain's Hand 2e582.
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