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Ravenwatch - Some fun this past weekend [Video]

Had some fun the past two weekends in no CP PvP running some Duos. Unfortunately, the population is down, agree or disagree with the faction lock being lifted.
There are many issues with PvP outside of a faction lock the contribute to low pop and players leaving.
But, still had a blast. I prefer no CP.

P.S. Watch the last clip, because, after all this time, I can't believe it's still a thing in this game haha

VenusFallen - Stamplar PvP Bosmer Harrier
VenusFállen - Magden PvP Nord Healer
VenusFallèn - MagBlade PvP Dark Elf Ganker
VeñusFallen - MagSorc PvP Breton Nuker
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