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Warning: Sounds like a personals ad in here...

My merry band of e-Bros has moved on from ESO. My favorite content is playing support in Cyro followed by dungeon runs. Looking for a guild that runs in Cyro regularly or at least has a group of players that do. I have some easier vet dungeons under my belt, but have yet to get into trials (would like to). I do my own research on fight mechanics, but it’s always nice to have an experienced group. I’d like to try my hand at tanking.

I’m 740-ish CP and am working on my eighth/ninth traits in crafting (self-sufficient). All geared characters are Daggerfall.

Templar Healer (Colonel) – PvP geared (backline squish) but have done easier vet dungeons
Stam Templar (Lieutenant) – PvP & PvE geared and have done easier vet dungeons

Only for the transmutes
Stam Bow Gankblade (Major) – PvP geared for those nights you just wanna go Dark Side
Mag Sorc (Sergeant) – PvP geared glass cannon bomber or single target

In progress (soon to be my faves – and yours too)
DK defile/debuff/some buffs tank – almost done gearing
Warden defile/buff tank
Sorc (maybe) CC/defile tank

I have a professional career and family and am online most nights and longer on the weekends. Playing time has increased fortunately/unfortunately due to a herniated L3 disc…because at 43 I think it’s fun to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu with my sons. If you also like cigars and scotch (and know about bourbon), we can be friends.

PS4 tag is WhiskeyAlchemist
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Characters are all some variation of Whiskey or Jiu-Jitsu...
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