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Almalexia's Enchanted - PvE, PvP, Social Guild - Open to All!

Almalexia's Enchanted

The Guild
Almalexia's Enchanted is a small PvE, PvP, Social guild that is currently recruiting active members. We regularly do 4 man veteran dungeon content, in-game achievements, small-scale PvP, questing, gear grinds, etc. As our numbers grow we would like to make regularly scheduled trials/progressions a thing as well. We are looking for active like-minded players - everyone from players who simply play the game to have fun to players who want to strive to complete harder content in the game. Although we are not a trading guild, we still try to get a trader for our members to sell unwanted items at when we can. We try to help members with anything they need. Need help with a world boss? Need help with a dungeon? Need help making an Emp push? Need build/rotation advice? Just ask in guild chat or the Discord! Elitism, toxic behavior is neither desired nor tolerated!

Guild Communication
We have a discord where we just hang out and chat, and post rosters for different dungeon achievements (no death, speed run, hard mode completions) that is available for everyone to participate in. Discord is not a requirement, but it does make it easier to put scheduled groups together for specific content.

How to Join
Message JukeboxJuliette or Diminish-_- on PSN, in-game mail, or comment below with your PSN name, and an invite will be sent!

We are looking forward to playing with like-minded players!
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